What is metabolic typing?

Metabolic typing is by far the most sensible form of dietary system that we have discovered to date. It takes into consideration the fact that we are all individuals and that, to some degree, we will all have a slightly different biochemical state.

Depending on their metabolic typing, two people can be equally healthy, despite eating very different diets. It explains why different diets work for different people – and why there is never going to be a ‘magic diet’ that will work for everyone.

We all need to work out what works for us, as individuals.

Metabolic typing is a system that allows us to discover what the correct balance is for us – the proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils that will give us the best overall balance for optimal health.

As with the ‘function before form’ concept behind functional weight training, if the body is healthy and working well, it will also be an optimal weight.

So get wonderfully healthy, feel good and the rest will follow!