Personal training

Our personal trainers have an in-depth understanding of the human body and what it really means to be fit and healthy.

We're all C.H.E.K qualified practitioners and C.H.E.K nutrition and lifestyle coaches.

We work with a wide range of clients – from people requiring spinal rehabilitation to athletes looking for high performance sport-specific conditioning. As well as anyone who wants a fantastic and accurate exercise programme!

This is personal training – and then some. Our approach involves an accurate, assessment-based practice of improving the health and functionality of your body on multiple levels.

We have expert knowledge of how the body moves and responds when it is out of balance, and how it moves and responds when it's in balance.

So we understand exactly what lifestyle and nutritional changes, stretches, exercise programmes and other therapies are required to bring a body back into a state of equilibrium.

This is essential for achieving overall health and fitness, long-lasting results and a sense of wellbeing for life.

The Evolution Cycle of Health explains this in more detail.