Need to train due to pain

If you need or want to train to alleviate pain, you may feel that:

  • You want to follow a health and fitness programme, but are not sure where to start because of the pain you are experiencing
  • You have been told to “improve your core strength”, but are not quite sure what that's all about
  • You're fed up with feeling unhealthy and in pain and want to break out of this depressing cycle

If you relate to any of these points, we can most likely help you.

But we need to sit down and talk first. Even if we can’t help straightaway, we can usually refer you to a therapist who'll be able to get things underway.

If we can help, and you have been in pain for some time, it may take a good deal of commitment from you and your personal trainer to help you regain your strength.

The amount of time you'll need to spend with your trainer is likely to depend on the type and degree of pain or injury you’re experiencing, particularly if it restricts your ability to move or your coordination or body awareness.

Please contact us and book your free consultation so we can discuss your specific requirements.