Highly motivated

If you’re a highly motivated fitness enthusiast, you may feel that:

  • you want to try a completely different and potentially more purposeful training programme based on facts
  • you have hit a plateau in your training that you want to get past
  • you have suffered injury as a result of training hard enough to make a difference
  • you want to try something completely new to inspire a return to the gym

If you feel this is you, you may not need motivation – just some technical support.

We'll carry out a personal assessment and show you where things may have gone wrong. Your assessment will also give us all the information we need to devise a personal training programme that you can take away and work on yourself.

You may wish to schedule periodical check-ups as you move through the programme. this will provide feedback on form, accuracy of movement and other tips to overcome obstacles, all of which will help you stay on target and achieve your goals.

This approach can provide the most cost-effective training solution for seasoned fitness enthusiasts. However, you need to have a good understanding of training, plenty of self-motivation and good body awareness.

Please contact us and book your free consultation so we can discuss your specific requirements.