What is a C.H.E.K practitioner?

The C.H.E.K Institute in Amercia is owned and run by Paul Chek, a world renowned expert in holistic health, healing and pysical rehabilitation.

C.H.E.K qualifications take a professional personal trainer to a higher level of understanding of the functions and dysfunctions of the human body through assessment of factors including lifestyle, posture and movement.

C.H.E.K qualified practitioners:

  • possess expert knowledge of both how the body moves and responds when it is out of balance and how it moves and responds when it is in balance.
  • are thought to be among the best qualified personal trainers in the world, having undergone training far beyond the highest recognised UK standards.

So they understand exactly what lifestyle and nutritional changes, stretches, exercise programmes and other therapies are required to bring a body back into a state of equilibrium.

This is essential for achieving overall health and fitness, long-lasting results and a sense of wellbeing for life.